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10,000 Leagues Under the Sea in One Piece 607

It's like Oda is making the manga directly for me.

The post time-skip chapters continue to impress. This week’s features perverted hospital drama, an example of Usopp’s new attacks, and a sea monster that looks like a giraffe. Because it’s One Piece.


This week’s title page is rather uninspired compared with those from past weeks (also I can’t help but make the unfavorable comparison between the robot horse and Franky’s amazing lobster and grasshopper motorbikes from Strong World), but the horse’s frankly disgusted face pretty much makes up for it.

So we pick back up with the Strawhats as the undersea volcano is about to explode. This interrupts their confrontation with the mysterious captain Van Der Decken from the last chapter. I’m guessing we’ll have to wait until later to figure out what the deal is with that guy.

The kraken Surume is already proving himself a worthy honorary member of the Stawhats by making ridiculous faces in times of stress (see header). I think that’s actually one of the only requirements to joining the crew actually (Robin is exempt, of course, but she’s the only one).

Usopp's new move, Midori Boshi!

The first half of the chapter mainly consists of a dramatic escape from the volcanic eruption. It’s great to see the crew back together and almost dying all the time, just like the good old days. The highlight of the dash (and the highlight of the chapter, for me) is getting to see a glimpse of Usopp’s new attacks. We see a new “Midori Boshi” (Green Star), from which explodes a giant net of seaweed (“Sargasso”) to contain an avalanche. I love that this “attack” is much more of a problem solving measure (and I can’t help but note it would be great for containing an enemy while running away) than a real show of force. Oda continues to soothe my worries that Usopp will become a macho fighting Monster Trio clone, by showing how creative and exciting Usopp’s style remains.

Once the crew fall to the bottom of the titular 10,000 league trench, we are treated to our first glimpse of the Fishman Island. The island looks beautiful, with hints of some really neat structures inside the city’s bubble. Hopefully we’ll be in there next chapter, but you never know with Oda. Remember back in Sabaody, when we all naively thought we were about to see Fishman Island? Haha, good times.

Wonder how long it will be before we get in there

Anyway before the Strawhats can get close to the island, they are blocked by some truly Odaian (is that a word? I have just made that a word) sea monsters. Giant giraffe-fish, elephant-fish and gorilla-fish block the path of our heros, and they seem to have some kind of relation to Surume. We are soon shown that the creatures are being ridden by the Fishman pirate Hammond and his as yet unnamed compatriots. Hammond is sporting two tattoos of interest: he has the mark of Arlong, as well as another that I don’t think we’ve seen before. It looks like the sun tattoo that represents the Fishmen’s slavery, but inside the sun is a beheaded figure. I assume this will be cleared up presently.

SOMEONE'S been watching Disney for inspiration, hmm

The Fishmen are unsure how to treat Luffy, seeing as he’s had both positive and negative interactions with Fishmen in the past. They seem to offer a hand of friendship, however, which Luffy outright rejects. I’m not totally sure what’s going on here, but it’s either (a) Luffy notices Nami’s unease at Arlong’s tattoo and refuses on her behalf or (b) they are asking Luffy to submit to their authority, which Luffy of course refuses. In any case, the crew are forced to flee from the scene before Hammond can attack. Next chapter looks like they’ll be headed into Fishman Island for safety.

Finally, Sanji’s inability to deal with women remains the most hilarious quirk of the new Strawhats. I am unable to even sum up his ridiculousness with words, so I will leave you with the following panels:

Next time, on Dr. Sexy M.D.

Horrible, indeed.

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  1. Hannah
    December 9, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    I like how they treat Sanji like he has a legitimate medical condition. I think the fishmen were proposing some kind of gangster show of force. Or we will sink you. I think the “New Fishman Pirates” are the human hating sort thus the rather special tattoo…

    • December 10, 2010 at 3:09 PM

      THAT’S THE BEST PART, they are taking it so seriously. I love how Nami and Robin have just completely ignored it, they’re like “well Sanji’s being weird again what’s new.”

      Ahhh I see, that would explain the whole head coming off bit. Have we seen that tattoo before and I’m just not remembering it? That’s entirely possible.

  2. December 10, 2010 at 5:44 PM

    In addition to the threat of Van der Beckern, and the Fishermen gang, there’s still Caribou who’s been mostly neutralized with. Who knows how he’ll be dealt with once they reach their destination? Especially since he lost his crew on his boat when trying to chase after the REAL Straw Hats. I’m guessing he’s regretting that right now, and hoping for revenge.

    A further look at the second tattoo shows a beheaded human inside a negative symbol, much like a no smoking sign. The fact that the outer rim is similar to the sun tattoo that erased the slave mark probably means something, but we won’t find out until much later.

    Also, Ussop’s Green Star attack could just as easily be a super-fertilizer that influences the plant of whatever terrain he’s on. That could explain how seaweed was able to sprout out of the rocky wall.

    Upon looking at the last page, I just noticed – Brooke’s still doning his rocker king crown that he’s been wearing during his music tour. Of all the other members, we’ve yet to see how he’s improved either his waterwalking, sword or music skills. Makes you wonder if he’ll lull the sea monsters to sleep using his rib cages for percussion.

    Place your bets now – will the Straw Hats reach their fabled destination in the next chapter, or will they be detoured for another fifty chapters or so?

    • December 12, 2010 at 1:57 PM

      True about Usopp’s attack. Although the fact that it was named “Sargasso” makes me think it is specifically tied to the seaweed. Sargasso is the name of a sea, which is home to the floating seaweed Sargassum, which is what I assume was coming out of the midoriboshi.

      Ahhh I can’t wait to see how Brooke has improved! I do miss his old suit though.

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